Hi, I'm Jennifer! My love with the hand-written word started as a young child. I vividly remember enjoying learning how to write in cursive in second grade ("keep the tents small!") and in fourth grade, my teacher had to tell me to actually write about my day instead of practicing individual letterforms  during journal time. One summer, my mom bought me a chisel-tip pen and italic calligraphy workbook to keep me busy (it worked, for a bit at least). As an adult, I resumed my love affair with handwriting and calligraphy when I picked up a dip pen in order to address my wedding invitations and became obsessed all over again.  In a digital world, there is something wonderfully personal about receiving something another person took the time to write. I finally decided to start Opaline Lettering in 2016 so that I could push my love of personalized stationery and calligraphy to those beyond family and friends. 

I am a member of the Philadelphia Calligraphers' Society and have taken workshops through the Modern Calligraphy Summit and with Deborah Basel, Debra Dick, Bill Hurford, and am continually studying this art of the handwritten word. 

I've bounced back and forth from the West coast to the East coast and back again. I grew up in the Los Angeles area, lived in the New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions, and now am back in southern California - San Diego, this time. In addition to loving all things paper, I also enjoy cooking and playing tennis and am an avid traveler (30+ countries and counting!). 

Please visit my gallery to see examples of my work, check out my inspiration page to see what's been making me smile lately, or drop me a note if you're interested in learning more!